Expansion of the functional composition of R10 recorder.

Модуль дискретных Входов-Выходов» (МВВ)

For use in the Registrar R10 developed and prepared for production of the new extension module “Module discrete input-output” (MVV).   MVV module contains 8 relay alarm outputs, similar to the MPC module and 8 isolated digital inputs. Each input can be independently programmed as part of the Registrar R10 connection logic, pulse or frequency input […]

State tests of Registrar R10 had finished

State tests of Registrar R10 had finished.   09/09/2015 p. at a meeting of Science and Technology Commission of Metrology of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade approved the “Type of measuring equipment” Videographic / Paperless recorder R10″ and entered it into the State register of measuring instruments under the number U3637-15 (producer – […]