Developed and prepared for testing by the State Converters normalizing differential transformer PND-01 and PND-02 for use with differential-transformer type sensors and gauges DM3583, DER-22364, MED-22365 and others.

Converters have universal inputs to any standard signal range and the conversion characteristic, as well as the function “Calibration Sensor”.

In a modification of PND-02 reached 0.1% accuracy and speed in 0.2 seconds. This allows the Registrar on the basis of video graphics technology R10 to implement multichannel system of registration and control parameters, coming completely from all types of primary probes, including diftransformatornye.


  1. Input mutual inductance: 0 – (10) and mH (-10) = 0 – (10) mH.
  2. Conversion features: linear and linear-quadratic.
  3. Sensor supply current is 125 mA, frequency of 50 Hz.
  4. ccuracy: 0.5% to PND-01 and 0.1% for the PND-02.
  5. Speed ​​2 seconds PND-01 and 0.2 seconds for the PND-02
  6. Output: 4-20 mA, Modbus RTU.
  7. Conversion Options: model (the factory) and user calibration for 5-points, allowing to minimize the measurement error of a pair of sensor-transmitter.

Series production – 2016.